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8 Best AI Chatbots for 2023

We have experienced an increase in the development of AI Chatbots with the advent of machine learning, as natural language processing has become more and more sophisticated.

Today, there are dozens of smart chatbots available for not only business purposes but also for recreational uses. Some AI chatbots have become so intelligent with time and data mining that they can handle deep and meaningful conversations alone.

As per an estimation, around 1.4 billion people interact with some form of a chatbot. These bots are employed to aid customer grievance resolution and feedback gathering process. Hence, they are capable of handling various tasks. But not all chatbots are the same. That’s why we have brought you this article featuring some of the best AI chatbots in the business.

What is an AI Chatbot?

Before progressing further, we should clarify what an AI chatbot is. Plainly speaking, a chatbot, AI or not, is a computer program that can utilize NLP (Natural Language Processing) to somewhat understand queries raised and answer accordingly while emulating humane responses.

AI Chatbots

What sets AI chatbots apart is their learning capabilities. These AI bots use data in storage to keep on learning, and over time their response becomes more refined.

How does AI Chatbots work?

Previously, chatbots were text-based programs that were limited to an algorithm that predetermined the answers to predictable questions. They were not automotive, but rather mechanical in their approach.

With time and after integrating more coded rules and NLP, these chatbots started becoming intelligent with each passing second. Hence, an AI chatbot uses NLP and deep learning to educate itself as it is exposed to human language. As the exposure grows, so does the chatbot, becoming more humane in its responses.

Today, chatbots can even generate images for you. There are many AI image generators out there integrated with chatbots to provide this functionality.

Our Top 8 AI Chatbot picks

Selecting the chatbot for your need is a personal preference. One may not be good for a specific task. However, based on how good they do their job, we sorted some of them. These are the 8 best chatbots out there –

1. ChatGPT

The first entry on our list is the popular ChatGPT. Although technically, it isn’t a chatbot exactly. ChatGPT is and was intended to be an NLP model. Hence, it is trained with text data imitating human conversation to generate a similar response.

ChatGPT uses the GPT-3 language model to produce coherent responses, making itself a valuable NLP that can integrate with text translation, summarization, or generation. Some distinct features are natural conversation engagement, highly integrable, and adaptability.

2. Alexa For Business

What can be more powerful than an AI which has access to 83.1 million daily users? Yes, we are talking about Alexa, the smart voice assistant. However, its smartness depends on the plethora of data that Alexa access daily. Thus, it can grow exponentially.

Alexa for business is used by IT professionals to create custom skills to tackle broader topics. These skills are so popular that they have grown from 130 to over 100000 by September 2019. The features offered are Self-service API, to create, manage, test, and publish skills, text-to-speech response, closed loop commerce, and SDKs for Node.js, Python, and Java.

3. Replika

Although Replika is not used for commercial gains, it still warrants a place on this list as it is a highly functional chatbot that aims to be a digital companion. Replika advertises as a friend with no judgment, drama, or anxiety and claims to form actual emotional bonds. But kudos to the development team, as it does seem humane while interacting. Its key features are the capability to imitate users, voice recognition, and practical application.

4. Intercom

Intercom became famous back in early 2011 for being the first chatbot on the market. However, it has maintained its edge. And even a decade later, it is considered one of the best chatbots in existence.

Recently, the firm has come out with an Intercom AI version that has yet again propelled the chatbot into the spotlight. Some salient features are its business messenger, powerful integration with over 250 apps, deep learning, 33% automated response, and cross-platform accessibility. However, Intercom doesn’t come cheap and is more expensive than other chatbots on the list.

5. ManyChat

ManyChat is an AI chatbot platform for Facebook Messenger. Businesses can use it to interact with customers. And the best part is they don’t have to use any coding. The chatbot is available as a drag-and-drop interface with various templates. Hence, businesses can set one up in just five minutes.

ManyChat excels because it is simple to use and provides growth and customer relationship. The chatbot also integrates with other e-commerce and marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, Shopify, and CoverterKit. Lastly, the service is available based on a freemium model where there is a free plan to support start-ups and a paid version that starts at $10 per month.

6. Dasha AI

Dasha is an AI that excels at conversations. Developers can use it to create conversational AI chatbots that offer humane and deep conversations. Also, developers need not know any AI or ML to build with Dasha as it is JavaScript compatible. Some features are Human-indistinguishable speech, conversation depth, ownership of apps made, and SDK integration.

7. Mitsuku – Pandorabot

Mitsuku is yet another AI chatbot that claims to be the most human-like. The AI bot has won the Loenber prize numerous times for the same. The AI chatbot is versatile as it can aid advertising, e-learning, entertainment, and even education. Its features are Symbolic reduction, a targeting cycle, chat log retention, and application API.

8. Flow XO

Flow XO is another gem that excels at cross-platform applications. It has strong integration and users can easily create a chatbot and employ it at multiple sources. The chatbot can help with data mining and allows businesses to receive payment. However, it is not a cheap service, as the basic plan costs you $19 per month. Other features include a back-end workflow, pre-filter leads, and virtual welcome messages.


Although a chatbot can create work efficiency, one has to select the right fit for the partnership. We simply can’t imagine the number of chatbots available on the market currently. Even the list can only work as an outline.

But remember, not all AI Chatbots are the same. While some excel at communication, some are better at integration. Some offer automation, while some are purely for entertainment. Even our readers might be aware that marketing is no longer a jungle.

The time for cold calling and door-to-door sales is long gone. One has to be smart working and provide fast results. Time is as valuable, hence the need for AI chatbots.