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How AI is Changing the World

We often hear, read or talk about AI and the associated changes as if it’s something bound for the future without realizing that AI is very real and is already here changing our world with each passing second.

For those non-technical readers, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which could allow technology itself the capability to be cognizant and self-sufficient. Scary? Or exciting?

Well, we certainly would not be falling into the debate of whether AI is a boon for mankind or not. Rather, this article will take a brief look at why AI is a reality and how AI is changing our world.

How AI Changing the World

The AI revolution and its prospective impact

An AI revolution is currently underway. And speaking purely from a technical point of view, it is rather fascinating to watch a computer acquiring the ability to see a problem and not decode it. Although it hasn’t advanced to that exact phase yet today, computer programs can distinguish between different audio, videos, and photos.

They can learn and apply the knowledge to create their version. A famous example would be when the AI won an art contest by creating hyperrealistic pictures based on text. It is time we prepare ourselves for what is bound to come.

Today, the influence of AI might not stand out, but it is there and constantly increasing. As per data, IBM inventors received 9130 patent requests in the year 2021, out of which 2300 were AI related.

Even if studied under a microscope, we could hardly find an industry that is untouched by AI. With the increase of online data, people realized the value of data mining and analysis.

Today we have faster computers and more interconnectivity than ever. Even a normal person generates tons of data that could be used for any reason. Although there is enough work to do regarding AI, with self-driving cars and chatbots, the future doesn’t seem so far.

8 Ways AI changing the world

Now, let us examine how AI is changing our world by studying the few examples provided here.

1. Healthcare Breakthroughs and Management

To start the list, we should first and foremost look at the healthcare industry, where AI has been active for quite a while. We aren’t even talking about how AI helps with disease prevention or how it can aid the development of newer and better medicine.

Even if we only consider the record-keeping aspect of health care, AI can better handle our information and create a detailed chart with an up-to-date patient history. There are apps available that offer patient management and even e-treatment.

On the other hand, the integration of AI has also increased our chances of getting more accurate results and research. With the improvement of technology, more and more diseases are becoming treatable. Furthermore, AI can also help with the diagnostic part of healthcare. There is no denial for the importance of AI in healthcare.

2. Digital teachers

Education is yet another aspect that is seeing AI influence. There is even an AI that can help students learn Spanish. That is the beauty of AI. Let’s not talk about jobs or employment, but who would have imagined a machine to be capable enough to handle art?

It’s unlike science or math, where there is a set of predetermined rules and a rigid structure. Art is mostly imagination. Hence, the question can a program become capable of imagination? Although we can’t make codes imaginative, we certainly can mimic them.

Now let’s come back to teaching. Can AI replace traditional human teachers? It surely can. Today, education is more systematic than ever. We follow a curriculum, and the materials are also strictly chosen based on the retentive capacity of the students. Given time, we can certainly emulate AI to be great teachers.

3. True Navigation

AI is the epitome of navigation. With it, one can forget about getting lost. And add self-driving cars to the equation, and one would finally be able to perceive what true navigation is.

Even without AI, we live in a world surrounded by devices with an active GPS. Hence, determining our live location is no longer dependent on the North Star. AI within the transportation industry is also working hard by providing useful information such as live traffic updates and safe navigation.

Today, anyone can be a cab driver and let his app do all the work. And if you happen to own a Tesla, you don’t even have to worry about driving, as the AI will also do it for you. Although this technology is still in its infancy, there is merit in the concept. And we can see results in real-time.

4. Countering Cyber Threats and risks

Advancement of technology is equally harmful, as we have seen with the increase in cyber threats and online privacy issues. But AI can save the day. Tracking crime and its prevention is based on precedent, where one has to scourge through data and prepare countermeasures.

While manually mining such a vast amount of data can be insurmountable, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 for an AI. Today, online platforms are becoming more and more secure and there is better safety against online fraud or theft. With features such as voice recognition, you can rest assured of your online privacy. But what drives voice assistance, you ask? It’s AI of course.

Human error is also a driving factor behind cyber threats. Misplacing or sharing passwords, poor security measures, and so on are a result of human error. But with AI, there are no such risks.

5. HR Training and development

Since AI is capable of teaching, it can also help train and develop Human resource personnel. AI-based learning modules are nothing new to a corporate. Many businesses already use one to train their staff. These same modules can be further used to enhance said employee’s skills over time. Also, AI-based modules can be tailor-made into an exclusive regiment as per the strength and weaknesses of the trainee.

6. Social Media Marketing

Having a social media presence is a must for any healthy business. But to run and maintain such a department is cost intuitive.

However, what if AI handles your post updates and follow-ups? Not only would this see a downward trend in costs, but also a quality improvement. Social media is a two-way street.

First, it helps the business with promotion and marketing. Second, it allows feedback that can be used to further improve services. Hence, an AI-based social media campaign is worth it as it can increase sales and also confront the target audience.

One big problem with effective social media management is tackling the huge amount of data. One can’t simply disregard it, as data is valuable. The good thing is that AI can easily handle such tasks too.

7. Cheaper labor

Finally, one of the quintessential qualities of AI is to reduce labor costs. Robots can work faster, longer, and more efficiently than humans. Hence, from a business point of view, AI-driven robotics is a better investment than yearly salary appraisals and union headaches. However, from the worker point of view, it could be considered as one of the AI dangers.

With the help of AI, machines are becoming smarter, which can directly impact profitability. Also, businesses can safely eliminate risks such as accidents or illness by employing smart machines instead of labor that requires constant upkeep in the form of wages, benefits, and training.

8. Predictable weather and calamities

Predicting weather and natural calamities have become more accessible with the help of AI. With AI, weathermen can now read climate charts more accurately and make predictions accordingly. Governments can also respond better with ample planning and prevent or send rescue within time. Although note, not all calamities can be predicted, AI surely has made it much better than what it was.